Protection for Your Crypto.
Our security doesn’t stop at a single firewall, guard desk, or set of locks. Blockchain has processes, controls, and ongoing tests in place to ensure the absolute security of user funds from the full spectrum of threats – ranging from internal to third parties.We use industry best practices to store crypto in our custody, including using an offline, HSM based system that is geographically, politically, and personnel redundant to store crypto assets.
Authentication.Enable Two-Factor authentication for added security when logging in and making any withdrawals.
Encryption.We only use standardized cryptography (e.g. AES-256, ECDSA, TLS) via NIST, IETF, BIP, and other global standards groups.
Storage.Best-in-class security standards for crypto storage, with the majority held offline in an institutional-grade cold storage.
Security Detection.Intelligence-based monitoring and alert system keeps an eye on suspicious account activity, even when you’re away.
Continuous Deployment.Any concerns raised in independent security audits, internal testing, and bug bounties are prioritized and quickly solved.