Level up your trading.

Blockchain Exchange was engineered by the Blockchain.com team to be a cut above the rest. Here’s how we did it.

Robust & Customizable Charting.

With integrated charts from TradingView, customize your charts with hundreds of technical studies and drawings. From candlesticks to fibonaccis, create your customized lens into the crypto markets.

The “Goldilocks Zone” of Assets and Order Types.

Some exchanges have too many tokens and overly complex orders. Others don’t have enough. We have just the right amount.

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Trade: Execute in Microseconds.

The fastest matching engine in crypto. Maybe even in the Universe

Liquidity: Powered by the Pros.

Tap into a deep pool of liquidity from a group of global market makers.

Blockchain connect: Easily Move Crypto.

Link your Exchange trading account to our secure non-custodial Blockchain Wallet and easily move money back and forth.

Order book: Where It Goes Down.

We engineered this exchange for mind blowing speed and deep liquidity. You can see it all on our streaming order book.

Top-Tier Support Team.

Available 24/7 to answer pressing questions, or access the extensive suite of educational and technical resources in our support center.

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Security: Best in Class.

Your crypto is secured by the same best practices and innovative security measures Blockchain uses to custody billions of cryptoassets for institutional clients.

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Crypto News: You Heard It Here.

Crypto headlines from the top news outlets will help you better understand what’s driving the market.

Limit Orders: Trade with Confidence.

Set your target price and quantity, and let the order work for you.