What We’ve Built.Blockchain Exchange, is the first crypto trading platform to bring institutional-grade speed, reliability, and liquidity to individual investors across the world.
Built by a stealth team within Blockchain, composed of veterans from firms like Google, Goldman Sachs, UBS, NYSE, TD Ameritrade, Interactive Brokers, ACORNS, and Revolut from the ground-up to redefine “best-in-class” for cryptocurrency exchanges.
Why now?For too long, crypto exchanges have settled for slow technology either built for other assets or an outdated era. They’ve chosen to sit back and profit off of users, rather than invest the time and money to upgrade their technologies.Like many of you, we’ve grown tired of the scams, reckless behavior, and unreliability plaguing our Wallet users looking to invest and trade crypto.So we took matters into our own hands.
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